Nureen & Rahim’s Indian Engagement Ceremony – Toronto Wedding and Family Photographer

I photographed an Indian engagement ceremony last night. It’s always a challenge to photograph an event that you’ve never witnessed before, but I’m usually up for a challenge.

Indian Hindu Engagement Ceremony

I learned that rather than just being a party to celebrate the couple’s engagement, the engagement ceremony is actually the day that the couple gets officially engaged! The would-be bride and groom exchange rings in front of their friends and family, then the elders and other family members and friends bless the bride and groom, sprinkle rose petals over them, then feed them sweets and a pink drink flavoured with rose water. Did I get that right? Then there’s dinner and dancing to celebrate. I loved the dancing!

Congratulations, both of you! I hope that you have a joyous and prosperous life together.

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