Toronto Bakes for Japan at Evergreen Brickworks – Toronto Wedding and Family Photographer

Let me just gush a little bit about this beautiful bakesale. Heena (Tiffin Tales) and Niya (Destiny, Domesticity & Dirty Secrets) decided to organize Toronto Bakes for Japan after seeing the footage of the tsunami on TV. It started out as just an idea, but shortly after putting out a call for help the support for their cause came pouring in. It started as a single bakesale at Liberty Noodle and quickly snowballed into 6 bakesales across the city! Most of the sales are on Sunday, so if you’re reading this on Saturday night you might want to clear your schedule and make time to visit some of the other locations tomorrow. A complete list of venues (and lots of other important information) can be found on their official site: Toronto Bakes for Japan.

Bake for Japan

The table was overwhelmingly full, but as you can see from the last photo there were also loads and loads of baked goods waiting in the wings for restocking. It warms my heart thinking about the amazing generosity of all of the people who donated their time, money and elbow grease to the event. I wish that I could gather them all up and hug them.

If you’re reading this and you volunteered, please let me a comment and tell me what you made so that I can give you proper recognition, because you REALLY deserve it!

One of my favourite things about the whole day was watching the look of pure bliss on the faces of the kids who came by the table. I’m sure that a lot of adults felt the exact same way when they saw us, but as adults we learn to get better at concealing our excitement about cake. 🙂

After seeing this are you understanding why I told you to clear your schedule for tomorrow? I’m actually planning on getting to one of the venues tomorrow as well, because I know that there will be totally different things tomorrow and I’m really excited to see what everyone has come up with! If you’re baking for one of the venues tomorrow, leave a comment and tell me where you’ll be and what you’re baking! Inquiring minds want to know.

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